Features & Specifications

  •  This  device is small enough to fit in your pocket and is very easily concealable. It doesn't look unusual, so no one will notice that it is a mini camera! The secret hidden pinhole video camera will record everything that is hapenning around it. Record hours on 8gb's of memory (lighter comes with 4gb card).
    It can also take high quality still pictures. All you need to do is remove the top, and slide the hidden switch. By switching the transfer mode key left or right, you can get it to take video/still pictures separately.

      The hidden camera will also record sound! The audio and video are both of the best quality!

    You can charge it  conveniently  when it is plugged into your computer, and it charges very quickly. You do not need to install any drivers or software to view the video files! This makes this device very, very simple to use!

    To activate recording, you need to press the gas button, and it will start recording the video, along with the sound. To stop recording, simply press the button again and it will stop. If you are in photograph mode when you press the button, it will take a photo

    1.Pinhole Video Camera Recorder

    2.Photo/Still Camera

    Easy one-button operation
    100% Realistic classical lighter shaped
    Video pin hole camera with microphone (audio capture) hidden inside
    Video capture resolution: 1280*960 30frame/second
    Card Capacity: Comes with 4gb tf card (No built-in memory)
    color: yellow
    Built-in Microphone captures all audio clearly
    USB Flash Drive functionality
    Built-in 220mAh rechargeable lithium battery
    Rechargeable by any powered USB port
    English user's guide included
    USB data and charging connection cable included


    Package Included:
      USB Flash Camcorder 
      USB Cable 
      User Manual 

  • lighter spy camera



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